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He was born in Santiago, 1980.  A self-educated graffitist and painter, designer by training, he started getting involved in painting by the mid-90s.  He has exhibited his painting in traditional format and graffiti in Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, USA, France, Germany, among others.  His first individual exhibition was at “MAVUT, Museum of Visual Arts”, Universidad de Talca.  In 2017 he made one of his most important murals, “The dream of flying”, at the Metro Line 6 Cerrillos Station. His main collective exhibits have been at “CCU Art Gallery”, “MUCH, Museo de la Chilenidad”, “Matilha Cultural Center” (Brazil), “MuBE Museum” (Brazil), and “Nord Art” (Büdelsdorf, Germany), among others.

2017 «The Dream of Flying» or «Flight Dreams» mural, Metro Line 6 Cerrillos Station (November 2017), Cerrillos, Santiago, Chile.

2016 Artistic Residence, Universidad de Talca (October 2016), Talca.

2009 Artistic Residence at “Nord Art 2009” (May, June 2009), Büdelsdorf, Germany.

2005 Professional degree, Graphic Design & Multimedia, UNIACC.

2002 Bachelor degree in Communication, UNIACC.


He is a part of several publications on street art studies, such as “Canned Dreams” by Griselda Figueroa, “Citizenship, Participation, and Culture” by Sergio Rojas, co-author of “The Pardepes graffiti book”, and editor of the book “Marches – stares of a citizen movement”.  The latter ones are the result of a deep interest in how citizens again occupy public spaces to express themselves.


The following stand out from his exhibitions:

«Fragmented Memories / Long Windows» individual exhibition, U. Talca Extension Center and Art Gallery, Santiago Campus (2019).  «Flight Dreams» mural at Metro Line 6 Cerrillos Station.  Artistic Residence and «The Word» mural, Universidad de Talca, Chile (October 2016).  «Five Brushstrokes» collective exhibition, at CCU Art Gallery. «Andean Eye» publication and itinerant exhibition, Fundazione Benetton Collection, Italy (2014-2015). Street Pianos, collective public exhibition (2013). «Chile in 100 Frying Pans», Museo de la Chilenidad (2013). «GFA Parallel Edition» collective exhibition at Matilha Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2013).  Graffiti Biennial and «GFA» mural at MuBE Museum in Brazil (2013).  Universidad de Talca’s «2012 Maule Brushstrokes» participant (2012). «Reminiscence from 1980» individual exhibition, Visual Arts Museum, Universidad de Talca (2012). «Nord Art 2009» exhibition and symposium, Germany (2009).  «400 ml Project» exhibition in France (2007).  «Kosmopolite» international graffiti meeting, Paris, France. Among other artists direct sales fairs.


Discovering the detail of light, what’s left of the shadow, the simplicity of living is what lasts, just as a picture captures the image, the instant of happiness, a painting reflects the landscapes of our moments, so many times on hold, up high, so many times in the light, so many times in the shadows. As a cycle of life –vis-à-vis with life–, remembrances are memories that also teach us to live, to grow.

Marcela Albornoz
Universidad de Talca, Chile,2012


  • Fondart 2022  línea “Creación artística / única – artes visuales”, Mural TERESA SALAS, Santiago, Chile.(2022)
  • Mural paste up “Awake between us” en Taipei Artist Village (TAV), llevado a cabo por el equipo de Artist Village de Taiwan and Latin America Exchange Program, Taipei, China.(2021)
  • Taiwan and Latin America Exchange Program  (situación covid) con Taipei Artist Village (TAV) & Treasure Hill Artist Village, “a game between borders”  Taipei, China.(2021)
  • Canada Dry Award – ArtStgo- , Santiago, Chile (August, 2019)
  • Winner, along with U. de Talca, of Fondart’s line for «Artistic Creation / Unique – visual arts», with “LLEGA” mural, Talca, Chile (2019)


  • Mural Orizon “Vida Azul”, Coronel, Chile.(abril. 2021)
  • Mural Petrobras, Santiago, Chile.(octubre. 2020)
  • ArtStgo Fair 2020, Santiago, Chile.(2020)
  • Mural “Que no callen las manos”, Santiago, Chile.(Enero. 2020)
  • ArtStgo Fair 2019, Santiago, Chile (August 2019)
  • «Coffee tree in Bloom» mural, Selina Hotel, Lima, Peru (June 2019)
  • FAXXI Fair 2019, Santiago, Chile (April 2019)
  • Individual exhibition “Fragmented Memories / Long Windows”, Extension Center and Art Gallery, U. Talca Santiago Campus (January through March 2019)
  • Ñatita in Bloom” mural, La Paz, Bolivia, General Cemetery. Ñatinta Festival (October 2018)
  • Ñatinta” collective exhibition at Blue House, La Paz, Bolivia (October 2018)
  • “More than a passion” mural at Universidad de Chile club’s CDA, La Cisterna, Santiago, Chile (April-May 2018)
  • The Dream of Flying” mural, Metro Line 6 Cerrillos Station, Santiago, Chile (November 2017)
  • Collective Exhibition at “TUBORG” beer launch, organized by Lira Gallery, Santiago, Chile (October 2017)
  • “Lira Gallery Collection” Collective Exhibition, at Weekend Gallery circuit, Santiago, Chile (May 2017)
  • Intervention for Nestle’s Dolce Gusto, Santiago, Chile (April 2017)
  • FAXXI 2017 Fair, Santiago, Chile (April 2017)
  • Artistic residence & «La Palabra» mural, Universidad de Talca, Chile (October 2016)
  • Individual exhibition at Vitrina Drugstore, «Pantheist» (October 2016)
  • “Andean Eye – The Art of Humanity” collective exhibition at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, USA (May 2016)
  • “Andean Eye – The Art of Humanity” collective exhibition at United Nations building, Manhattan, NY, USA (May 2016)
  • “Andean Eye – Map of the New Art” collective exhibition at Imago Mundi, Venice, Italy (September-October 2015)
  • “Andean Eye – 170 sights of contemporary art” collective exhibition at Imago Mundi, Venice, Italy (August 2015)
  • Five Brushstrokes –experiences on urban art– collective exhibition, at CCU Art Gallery (March-April 2015)
  • Participation at a public exhibition by Keep A Breast Foundation for the prevention of breast cancer, Chile (September-October 2014)
  • I am 0% Plastic campaign, led by Charly Alberti and sponsored by Plaza Mall, Chile (August 2014)
  • POP UP Art Fair, La Serena, Chile (April 2014)
  • Public Collective Exhibition at Persian Art Fair, VI version, Factoria Santa Rosa, Chile (November 2013)
  • Street Pianos Public Collective Exhibition (streetpianos.com), Plaza Mori (October-November 2013)
  • “Chile in 100 Frying Pans” at Chilean Identity Museum, Santiago, Chile (September 2013)
  • «Automata» Collective Exhibition at Oops Gallery, Santiago, Chile (July 2013)
  • Persian Art Fair, V version, at Factoria Santa Rosa, Chile (June 2013)
  • «MásDeco Market» Fair, at Mapocho Station, Santiago, Chile (May 2013)
  • «GFA Parallel Edition» Collective Exhibition, at Matilha Cultural, Sao Paulo, Brazil (January 2013)
  • Persian Art Fair, IV version, at Factoria Santa Rosa, Chile (January 2013)
  • Graffiti Collective Exhibition & «Second GFA Biennial» mural at MuBE Museum, Sao Paulo, Brazil (January 2013).
  • FAXXI Fair, Santiago, Chile (December 2012)
  • «2012 Maule Brushstrokes» participant, organized by Universidad de Talca (May 2012)
  • «{Reminiscences from 1980}» individual exhibition, MAVUT (Universidad de Talca’s Visual Arts Museum), Talca, Chile (May-June 2012)
  • «Nord Art 2009» Exhibition and Symposium, Büdelsdorf, Germany (May-June 2009)
  • «Maison des métallos » collective exhibition, also called «400 ml Project», Paris, France (November 2008 and July 2009)
  • «400 ml Project» collective exhibition, at «Seine Rock Festival», Paris, France (July 2009)
  • Collective exhibition at «Centre d’Art Contemporain LA LUNE EN PARACHUTE», «400 ml», Epinal, France (July 2009)
  • Chile representative at the «Kosmopolite» international graffiti meeting, Paris, France (2007)
  • Collective Exhibition at Montana Paints International Exhibit, Seville, Spain (2007)
  • Collective Exhibition at G Space Gallery, Valparaíso, Chile (2005)
  • Collective Exhibition at Matthei Gallery, called «DUAL», Santiago, Chile (2003)
  • «Nossa Parte» graffiti Collective Exhibition, by Santo André municipality, Brazil (2003)
  • Graffiti work in Chile, Brazil, France, Spain (1996-2017)


  • “Fragmented Memories / Long Windows” individual exhibition catalog, Santiago, Chile (January 2019)
  • FAXXI catalog, Santiago, Chile (April 2017)
  • Participation in the book “Andean Eye – 170 sights of contemporary art” by Benetton foundation, Italy
  • Five Brushstrokes –experiences on urban art— collective exhibition catalog, at CCU Art Gallery (2015)
  • FAXXI catalog, Santiago, Chile (December 2012)
  • Editor for the book «MARCHES – stares of a citizen movement» (isbn: 978-956-345-751-3)(2011)
  • Nord Art 2009 catalog, Germany
  • Published in the French book «400 ml», «Kitchen 93» publishers, France (2008)
  • Paper published in «Citizenship, Participation, and Culture» by Sergio Rojas (isbn: 978-956-282-975-5), Chile (2008)
  • Author of the first book on Chilean graffiti, «The Pardepes Graffiti book» (isbn: 956-299-810-x) (2005)
  • Published in «Canned Dreams», by Griselda Figueroa (isbn: 956-260-361-x), about graffiti and urban tribes, Chile.
  • Published in «Whispering Walls» by Alvarez Vásquez (isbn: 1182262).
  • Published in «Graff it» and «Blazzing», French graffiti and urban interventions publications, between 2003 and 2007, France
  • In charge of the «Street Art» section of «Infame» magazine on trends, Chile.