(…) Five urban art talents will present their work at CCU Art Gallery. According to organizers, these artists faced the challenge of working on other kinds of support, such as canvas and sculptures, and intervened the inner and outer space of this art gallery with a colorful and rich exhibition.  The exhibition, “Five Brushstrokes, Experiences on Urban Art”, gathers the artwork of such legends as José Yutronic (“Alme”), Diego Roa (“Zewok”), Ricardo Céspedes (“Dric”), Roberto Cristi (“888”) y Miguel Sarif Chacoff (“Cn6”). Their work reflects their lifestyles and their visions of life.  According to gallery’s representatives, they are oneiric realistic or figurative work, that show their appreciation for the community they live in, as well as domestic and international reality.

El Mostrador

(…)”It is very different to take charge of a very clean space, as an art gallery, compared to a street, where far richer situations and aesthetics happen.  Graffiti is not appreciated as a single piece, since this is boosted by its surroundings. When you paint in a gallery, you face formats that somehow make graffiti different and acquire other aesthetic, which is not good or bad, but you need to accommodate.”

Universidad de Chile newspaper/