Ñatita en Flor – Ñatinta 2018 – Bolivia

General Cemetery - La Paz, Bolivia

Mural at La Paz, Bolivia🇧🇴 , General Cemetery to celebrate the ÑATINTA festival, organized by the PERROSUELTOS collective.   Beautiful days, surrounded by painting, good vibes, and incredible and talented people.

(…) The Ñatitas festivity is a traditional rite in Bolivia, celebrated every November 8, to thank the dead for their favors and care granted to the people.  It entails worshipping one or several human skulls.

The rite is said to date from pre-Columbian times, when the dead were worshipped and carried on shoulders so that they would meet with their ajayus (Aymara word that means «ghost», «soul» o «spirit») and their families. It is also believed that this cult comes from the ancient Tiwanaku empire, when ancestors’ heads were kept to demand rain in times of drought or to chase away storms, so that these would not destroy houses or crops(…)

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video por Mira a Mire / Mirella Moschella


From this trip to La Paz inspiration arose to create several pieces, among them some on copper and metal, others on canvas. One of them is currently part of the Universidad de Talca´s art gallery.

instructivo para dar vuelta un papel

óleo sobre bronce 30,3 x 5,8 cms aproximadamente COMPRAR 


Tiempos, mixta sobre tela, 2020, 150 x 100 cms. COMPRAR 

Carta paraguas

Carta paraguas, mixta sobre tela, 2020, 80 x 100 cms. COMPRAR 

Un Payaso miraba sorprendido al Globo que se volvió Perrita sin darse cuenta que un Zapato lo observaba

“Un Payaso miraba sorprendido al Globo que se volvió Perrita sin darse cuenta que un Zapato lo observaba” Circuito de murales “Murales para Matta” 123mts2 Esmalte y pintura en Aerosol Invitado por Fran Vilches, gestora del proyecto “Murales para Matta” fui el pintor encargado de la realización de un mural de 123mts2 que da a [...]


óleo sobre tela |2018|70x100cms| |muestras| Exposición Individual “Memorias Fragmentadas / Las Ventanas Largas” Enero. 2019

Hombre Mirando al Norte

PASTEL | Tamaño total (incluyendo paspartú) de 42 x 50 cms / imagen central de 26,5 cms diámetro  aproximado + paspartú de papel | Paspartú con calado circular realizado con Pastel Card 360 grs libre de ácidos. Obra realizada sobre papel gris con grano 130 grs. l’Esprit du Pastel   DISPONIBLE


(…) Five urban art talents will present their work at CCU Art Gallery. According to organizers, these artists faced the challenge of working on other kinds of support, such as canvas and sculptures, and intervened the inner and outer space of this art gallery with a colorful and rich exhibition.  The exhibition, “Five Brushstrokes, Experiences […]

“MORE THAN A PASSION” Universidad de Chile – CDA –

“MORE THAN A PASSION” (CDA) – Universidad de Chile Synthetic enamel and spray paint on wall 39,4 x 2,35 m When they called me from Universidad de Chile to talk about the possibility of doing this project, I quickly visualized two things: my late uncle Patricio (chuncho at heart) and the BLUE color. This is [...]


oil on wood | 2019 |20x30cm| |exhibitions| FAXXI Abril 2019


The exhibition took place from January 4 to March 9, 2019, in Santiago, at the Universidad de Talca Extension Center’s Art Gallery.Fragmented memories / Long Windows by Alme Yutronic From a dialog with his grandmother –in an unusual moment of loquacity, when Alzheimer symptoms were already evident in her— a curious and intricate narration bursts [...]